About Infiniti & Our Team

Our team is goal orientated and are passionate about meeting our guest’s expectations. In 2014 we took our knowledge and experience and went looking for an opportunity to start a business. This opportunity is where Infiniti Hospitality began, starting our venture in Alberta (Edmonton) and now most recently expanding into British Columbia (Kelowna).


She has worked in the hospitality industry for the past ten years. Her drive for more opportunity and to educate herself in other areas of the customer’s service industry she worked with an international airline company. She climbed the ranks to receive the highest award in Edmonton in regards to customer service. Taking her knowledge and experience, she realized her passion is connecting with people and enjoyed being involved in their development. She opened one of the biggest restaurants in Edmonton, training and developing a team of over two hundred team members. In Natalia’s spare time you can find her at the next open Zumba class or her Mother’s home playing with their three dogs Mischa, Maya, and Beamer (potentially sneaking them extra treats).

If you need assistance or have questions for Natalia about our rentals, please feel free to contact her anytime.

Phone: (780) 237-5252


Born in Vancouver, BC Tyler has over 25 years in the hospitality industry (yes he began his career when he was just five years old). Starting in the restaurant industry, he worked his way to manage some of Vancouver’s prestigious fine dining restaurants, with his passion and knowledge in fine dining a well-known collection of restaurants approached him in helping open locations in Vancouver. This company grew at an incredible pace, won multiple awards in regards to customer service and food quality. This expansion brought him to open a location in Edmonton. When Tyler has a free moment, you can find him running in the river valley or the middle of the sand trap on the golf course.

If you need assistance or have questions for Tyler about our condos/homes, please feel free to contact him anytime.

Phone: (780) 237-5252